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    • I can get you the card board cut outs tomorrow if you would like around noon. You can then make your own copies. As far as helping I would be happy to help. My schedule is all over the place. So when you have the Styrofoam beads and material I can meet you to help. It might be best to do a bunch at once. So if you have multiple people who want one it would be best to do it all at once.

  1. I would love to get this pattern and possibly even your help in putting one or more together. I live in Eagle Mountain, City Center. I and my hubby used to live in Highland in Weldon and Donna Kitchen’s home while they were on a mission in Taiwan. My phone number is XXXXXXXXX. Thanks, Brenda Elmer

    • Brenda – I would be happy to provide you the template and help if needed. The biggest part is being able to use a sewing machine. There are 2 ways of providing the template. I can provide you the cardboard template I made and you can make your own or you can trace around them using paper. Cardboard obviously wound be more stable. After you have the template it is not really that difficult. Is the number your provided a cell phone? Can I text you?

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