Here are available files that can be downloaded

They are listed by category


Medical, Dental & Perscriptions

Over-the-counter-medicines-to-stockpile.pdf  –  Over the Counter Medications you might want to consider storing

Shelf Life Extension Program.pdf  –  US government findings on some medication storage life

Dental-Kit.pdf  –  Dental Hygene Kit ideas by Brother Eldridge PHD | DDS

diabetes-disaster-prepardeness.pdf  –  Useful Diabetes information

ebola-factsheet.pdf  –  Information about ebola virus and preparedness


Long Term Food Storage

Organization-your-food-storage-Class-Notes.pdf  –  Class Handout

Organizing-your-food-storage.xls  –  Template file for you to customize and use

HomeStorageCenterOrderForm-US-short.pdf  –  LDS Church home storage order form

Soup-for-a-year.pdf  –  Soup Recipe to make in bulk to last a year

Aug-2016-Sprout-Stuff.docx  –  Sprouting Class Handout

Food Storage Calculator  –  Food Storage Calculator

Cannery-bulk-vs.-can-price-chart.pdf  –  Comparison Document

Minnesota.pdf  –  Minnesota Starvation Experiment Data

Why Food storage? Class Handout  – Introduction to Food Storage Class Handout

Dehydrating Class Handout  –  Dehydrating Foods Class Handout


Building a year supply  –  Highland South Stake Monthly Purchase Plan

Inventory.pdf  –  Basic Food Storage Inventory List

BasicFoodStorageRecipes2.pdf  –  Recipe’s from the Basic Food Storage Basics recommended by the Church


72 Hour Kits – Bug Out Bags

Winter_Survival_Kit.pdf  –  Basic Winter Survival Kits for your car

Dental-Kit.pdf  –  Dental Hygene Kit ideas by Brother Eldridge PHD | DDS

BOB-list-fair-1.pdf  –  Bug Out Bucket Contents (additional)

BOB-list-fair.pdf  –  Bug Out Bucket Contents

BOGHB-Prep-Fair.pdf  –  Multiple Bug Out Bag Checklists (Chad Carmen)

BOGH-List.pdf  –  Bug Out Bag Checklist (Chad Carmen)


Camp Cooking

WonderOvenCookingEbook.pdf  –  Wonder Oven Cooking Document 

Lets Make Sense of Thermal-Cooking.pdf  –  Teaser for Cindy Millers book with the same name

Thermal-cooking-Sept-2016.pdf  –  What is Thermal Cooking document

Sun-Oven-Cooking-handout.pdf  –  Class Handout for Sun Oven Cooking 

May-2016-Cooking-With-a-Solar-Oven.pdf  –  Class Flier for 2016 Solar Oven class

Rocket Stove Instructions (DIY)  –   Do it yourself Guide for building a Rocket Stove

Larry-Walker-Dutch-Oven-Hints.pdf  –  Dutch Oven Tips by Larry Walker

Alternative Cooking Demonstration Handout  –  Different Methods to cook with out power

Cooking-Without-Power-Handout-pdf.pdf  –  Cooking without Power class handout 

Alternative Cooking links  –  Links to other websites

DIY-Buddy-Burner.pdf  –  Do it yourself guide to building a Buddy Burner


Emergency Preparedness

Prioritizing-Preparedness.pdf  –  Back Woods Home magazine article

DIY-Clothes-Washer.pdf  –  Build your own Cloths washer

Practical-Hazmat-Protection.pdf  –  Hazmat Protection Procedures document 

Home-Fuel-Storage-Rules-__-Kaysville.pdf  –  Kaysville, Utah Home Fuel Storage Guidelines

PROVO-STORAGE-RULES.pdf  –  Provo, Utah Home Fuel Storage Guidelines

LEHI-CITY-FUEL-RECOMMENDATIONS.docx  –  Lehi, Utah Home Fuel Storage Guidelines

Lessons-from-hurricane-Sandy.pdf  –  Newsletter Document of Hurricane Sandy survivor

Photo-Essay-Utah-Eathquakes.pdf  –  Photo file of Quakes in Utah from 1921 – 1962

roots_earthquake_low.pdf  –  Utah Earthquake handbook

Electro-Magnetic-Pulse-101.pdf  –  EMP document put together by Chad Carmen

Thumb-Drive-Encryption-1.0.pdf  –  How To guide to encrypt and water proof a thumb drive

LDSPrep-V8.pdf  –  LDS Preparedness Document


Gardening & Fruit Production

Mittleider-Gardening.pdf  –  Mittleider Gardening Method information


Water Storage

Local-Water-Sources.pdf  –  Water Storage Sources (Utah County, Utah)



Highland-Central-Stake-Emergency-Communications-Drill.pdf   –  Flier for Highland Central stake drill in 2016

012-Frequency-Chart-For-Highland-Central-Stake.doc  –  Emergency communication frequency document